Assessment Day Bookings

GymSkills Assessment Day – Saturday 18th June 2022

Boys Session 1: 12.15-1.45pm
Girls Session 2: 2.00-3.00pm
Girls Session 3: 3.30-4.30pm
Girls Session 4: 5.00-6.00pm (depending on booking numbers)


1 sibling will also be allowed to spectate however they MUST remain seated (in the same seat as the parent) for the entire session or wait outside in the grassed area
Your cooperation is much appreciated.

We have made changes to our Assessment Day format to allow parents to spectate. Please note that the Assessment Day event may run slightly over time, we have left a 15-30 minute gap between the sessions in case this happens and to also allow the families in the first session to leave the facility before the next session arrives.
Please note that sessions will be determined on the number of gymnasts of each level nominated so unfortunately session times can not be requested.

GymSports FNQ’s GymFun and GymSkills programs have been developed to allow our recreational gymnasts within the club to take part in the Australian Levels Program (ALP).  The ALP starting at Level 1, will focus on teaching the technical aspects of skill development, encourage correct posture, build strength & flexibility, while keeping the emphasis on FUN. These programs allow gymnasts to progress through the foundational levels system at their own pace without the commitment of the full competitive program training hours or competition requirements.

GymFun Progressions:
GymFun Bronze         – Beginner entry level shapes and assisted skills
GymFun Silver           – Focus towards developing beginner skills
GymFun Gold             – Level 1 skill development (no routine)

GymSkills Progressions:
GymSkills Bronze      – Compulsory Level 1 routines (ALP)
GymSkills Silver        –  Drills in preparation for Level 2
GymSkills Gold          – Compulsory Level 2 routines (ALP)

Recreational Assessment Days: Sponsored by Fuller Sports
Each Term GymSports FNQ holds a Recreational Assessment Day which are proudly sponsored by Fuller Sports, Edmonton. Assessment Days are a great opportunity for gymnasts to be assessed on the skills they have been learning in class. Although not compulsory*, we strongly recommend gymnasts participate to recognise their progression and be rewarded for their efforts, as well as giving them the chance to ‘show off’ to family and friends.

  • GymFun:   Term 1 and Term 3
  • GymSkills: Term 2 and Term 4

😊  All assessed gymnasts will be presented a participation medal and certificate
😊  To PASS their level gymnasts need to receive a Red or Blue sticker for each apparatus with an exception of 1 green sticker. *GymSkills Gold gymnasts MUST receive Blue &/or Red ONLY to pass
😊  Cost for the Assessment is $25pp
😊  Assessment fee includes a record book to keep certificates and program information
😊  Nominations and payment due: Sunday 12th June 2022 –  NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED

After the Assessment Day all gymnasts will remain in their current classes and commence working on their next skill set. Successful GymFun Gold gymnasts will transition into GymSkills Bronze the following term.
*It is compulsory for ALL GymSkills Gold gymnasts to attend the Assessment Day and successfully pass in order to move into the GymSports Levels Program.

Payments can be made via the PAY NOW button on our website OR
Bank transfer to Gymsports FNQ, BSB: 064 830, ACCOUNT: 1033 8549
Please use child’s name as a reference
Class fees MUST be up to date or on a payment plan to attend this event.

Assessment Folders: If you already have a folder, please ensure you return it before Assessment Day, if you have misplaced your folder you can purchase another for $10. Assessment folders can be stored at the gym for safe keeping and can be collected or returned anytime.


* Eaten lunch BEFORE the event (gymnasts cannot leave the floor to eat during the assessment)
* a full water bottle
* Hair is tidy and away from face (no makeup)
* Girls please wear a leotard, bathers or snug fitting clothing appropriate for gymnastics (no baggy shirts or skirts)
* Boys please wear a snug fitting singlet and sport shorts (school shorts are fine – no boardies or denims!)
* No watches or jewellery (studs are fine)
We will have staff to escort gymnasts to the toilet if needed.
All gymnasts will be awarded at the end of the event
And most importantly……………….…

Gymnasts will not be permitted to do the assessment if they are late. Assessment nomination fees are non-refundable.

Term 1 – Week 8
GymFun – 19th March 2022

Term 2 – Week 9
GymSkills 18th June 2022

Term 3 – Week 9
GymFun – 10th September 2022

Term 4 – Week 8
GymSkills – 26th November 2022

Assessment Bookings

If yes, please bring in your Assessment Day folder asap so we can prepare it for the day. If this is your first Assessment your child will receive theirs at presentation.
Payment MUST be received by the due date Class fees MUST be up to date or on a payment plan to attend this event.