January 2019 HOLIDAY TRAINING – Bookings are OPEN!!!! 

Continue to thrive with gymnastics holiday training! 

Maintain your level of gymnastics fitness and physical preparedness.

There is something new in store too…..
Join in the after training FUN sessions, like Movie Monday’, Tuesday Trivia or Teams Challenge, Wacky Wednesday…. To book into the FUN sessions please see the last table below…

Invoices will be emailed out on Thursday 24th January 2019. Amounts are payable as per invoice dates.

If you have any questions please contact Loz, our Events Coordinator via email: events@gymsportsfnq.com.au Phone 4045 2947 or arrange a time to speak in person.
The after training sessions will provide an opportunity for our gymnasts to not only have some fun but it will also create friendship and bonding beyond their program. All activities will be age appropriate for our gymnasts aged 7+ years and all TEAM based activities will be mixed ages to allow our older gymnasts to support the younger ones. *Although GymSports FNQ have taken precautions to select PG rated movies, parents are responsible for looking up movies and their contents before arrival.