Squad & GymSports Bookings – NOW OPEN!!!! 

The holidays are only a few weeks away! Children forget quickly what they don’t practice regularly, and physical fitness can be lost very rapidly. As the gymnasts will have approximately 3 weeks off from training over the Christmas break,  January holiday training will be used to re-develop their physical fitness, to ensure that term classes are progressive and not focused on revision. We recommend that gymnasts attend as many sessions as possible. GymSports FNQ will provide a small amount of seasonal fruit for the gymnasts to share however, if your gymnast requires more than this they are welcome to bring their own healthy snacks.

We are very excited to be inviting our NEW Dragons and GymSports Boys to our January holiday program and once again be offering our after training fun sessions which is open to all of our GymSport and Squad gymnasts. We encourage all gymnasts to join in on the after training fun sessions. This will provide an opportunity for our gymnasts to not only have some fun but it will also create friendships and bonding beyond their own training groups.

All fun activities will be an additional $10 per session, which includes dinner!

*Although GymSports FNQ have taken precautions to select PG rated movies, parents are responsible  for looking up movies and their contents before arrival. All trivia and game activities will be age appropriate for our gymnasts aged 6+ years and all TEAM based activities will be mixed ages to allow our older gymnasts to support the younger ones.

2020 Club Membership must be paid BEFORE attending any Holiday Training.

GymSports gymnasts will be invoiced per session. Amounts are payable as per invoice dates.
Squad holiday training is included in your bi-annual invoice.
If you have any questions please contact our Events Coordinator via email: events@gymsportsfnq.com.au or phone 4045 2947 
Dragons Program - BOYS $18.00 per session
Sapphire (2019 Pre-Comp) Program: invoiced as part of the 2020 squad agreement
Please note times for week 2 and 3 will be released on Monday 13th January