The January School Holidays are only a few weeks away!.

Apart from the physical and developmental benefits, continuing training through the holidays is fun, social and incredibly rewarding. In addition to term hours holiday training serves the purpose of continual learning, hence it being a compulsory part of the program. Children forget quickly what they don’t practice regularly, and physical fitness is lost very rapidly, which causes regression. Therefore, training throughout the school break assists to ensure term classes are progressive and not focused on revision. It is also a time where there are fewer classes, thus more space and equipment to utilise. This allows holidays to become an accelerated learning phase.

We are excited to introduce a new structure to our Competitive Holiday Training Program! Our Holiday Clinics offer more flexibility for our gymnasts to choose their attendance around their family holiday plans. Each squad will have a minimum (compulsory) amount of clinics and some have optional extras for those that would like to accelerate their progression and performance. Please refer to the schedules on the side of this page for clinic content.
COMPULSORY SESSIONS: Each squad has been allocated a minimum compulsory amount of clinics that gymnasts are expected to attend as part of our Competitive Program, these minimum sessions will be included in your January to June Bi-Annual Invoice 

NOT ATTENDING HOLIDAY TRAINING: Please complete the form and tick the box at the bottom to confirm your child will NOT be attending holiday training these school holidays. This information helps our staff better prepare and ensure the quality of the lessons are being delivered.

If you have any questions please contact Alysha via email: or phone 0432 813 446 
MAG Foundations Program - Dragons
PLEASE NOTE: Dragons Compulsory Training = 4 sessions
WAG Foundations Program - Amber, Amethyst & Ruby
PLEASE NOTE: Amber and Amethyst Compulsory Training = 4 sessions, Ruby Compulsory Training = 6 sessions. Optional additional training open to all gymnasts at $23 per session
PLEASE NOTE: Sapphire and Emerald Compulsory Training = 6 sessions. Optional additional training open to all gymnasts at $30 per session
PLEASE NOTE: Opal and Diamond Compulsory Holiday Training = 8 sessions
By selecting the options below I understand that I am required to pay for any missed Compulsory Holiday Training
Please leave a reason in comments box below so we can inform coaches of your absence.