Squad & GymSports Bookings – NOW OPEN!!!! 

The holidays are only a few weeks away! April holiday training is offered over both weeks of the Easter break and is designed to lift your physical preparation, continue developing new skills and will have a strong focus on preparation for competition routines. We recommend that gymnasts attend as many sessions as possible over the 2 week period.
Due to the rise of costs of fresh fruit we are no longer supplying the fruit for holiday training however we will still have a 5-10 minute break.  If your child could please bring a piece of fruit or healthy snack for their fruit break.

Competitive Squads
Holiday training is offered over both weeks:
Week 1 of Easter break is Optional holiday training and will be invoiced and payable as per invoice date.
Week 2 of Easter break is Compulsory holiday training and is included in your bi-annual invoice.
Starting 2020 Gymnastics Australia has made many changes to our compulsory routines. Some of our coaches including myself went to the choreography course to learn the new routines on the weekend. With this being said I highly recommend attending the optional holiday training in week 1 as this will be used for learning of the new routines as we will have access to the full floor where during term this is not always possible. 
GymSports gymnasts and Dragons will be invoiced per session. Amounts are payable as per invoice dates.
Week 1 of
Squad holiday training is optional and Week 2 is compulsory therefore included in your bi-annual invoice.
If you have any questions please contact our Events Coordinator via email: events@gymsportsfnq.com.au or phone 4045 2947 
Dragons Program - BOYS $18.00 per session
Sapphire Program: Week 2 invoiced as part of the 2020 squad agreement