ZOOM Competitive Online Training

Welcome to our NEW online training platform introduced to help our gymnasts stay healthy, strong and conditioned at home as well as connecting with their class mates and coach during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN FOR THE NEXT 3 WEEKS: Monday 25th May to Friday 12th June 2020

  • Book in your squad classes for the next 3 weeks. If there are any lessons in the next 4 weeks that you know you cannot attend please provide information and dates in the comments or email info@gymsportsfnq.com.au
  • PAY for your 3 weeks sessions – see options below
  • DO NOT DELETE YOUR EMAIL WITH THE LINK TO THIS PAGE – This booking form is only available using the link in the email
COST $5 PER SESSION…. ie.1 session $5, 4 sessions $20
  • All ZOOM sessions are priced at $5 per session no matter how long the duration of the class
  • Payment options – PayPal, Account Credit or Bank Transfer (Bank transfer MUST be made 2 business days before the first class).
  • You will be sent a PayPal payment request for your booking (please note this PayPal request is manually sent, not automatic)
  • No payment – No Codes!!
  • Once payment has been received through PayPal you will receive an email confirming your booking
  • This email will include your NEW Meeting ID and Password for the FIRST weeks lesson. You will be sent an email each Friday with the following weeks codes. (please note this confirmation is manually sent, not automatic).


  • Ensure that the space you are in is large enough to perform the activities safely and is free from any obstruction they may result in injury.
  • More than 2 members must sign in to the session BEFORE the coach will activate the session, there MUST be a minimum of 3 active participants in a session including the coach and we recommend parent supervision.
  • NO RECORDING OF ZOOM SESSIONS PERMITTED. For privacy and Child Protection laws, these sessions are NOT to be recorded at anytime.
  • GymSports FNQ @ South Cairns Gymnastics does NOT give permission for any of these sessions to be recorded or shared on Social Media.
  • Always remember to reinforce safe hygiene and social distancing practices.

Please be prepared for your lesson prior to your session start time.

What you will need:

  • Full Water Bottle
  • Wear appropriate training gear (just like you would at the gym)
  • Mat – this could be a scatter mat or yoga mat
  • Specific equipment requested by your coach
  • Meeting ID Number to sign in to your session
  • Password

PLEASE CHECK THAT THE BELOW FORM HAS NO DATES BEFORE SUBMITTING – if it is still showing this weeks dates – please ‘refresh’ your page!

Ruby - 60 minute session with Coach Alysha
Emerald - 90 minute session with Coach Janelle
I understand that this booking is for the next 3 weeks (25th May to 12th June) *
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Credit balances will be sent out at the end of each Month.
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