South Cairns Gymnastics Incorporated                                        
Affiliated with the Queensland Gymnastics Association Inc.
ABN: 59 219 090 558
Robert Road, Centenary Park
PO Box 19E Earville Qld 4870
Ph. 4045 2947

GymSports FNQ
ABN: 62 159 194 649
PO Box 155, Gordonvale Qld 4865

2022 Membership Fees
Each gymnast is required to pay a membership fee each year. This fee has been set at $90 for the last 3 years and includes the following components:

  • Membership Subscription with Gymnastics Queensland
  • Administration fee to Gymsports
  • Club membership fee, used to pay building and contents insurance and building and equipment maintenance

Gymnastics Queensland adopted a new schedule of registration fees at the General Meeting held on the 29th October 2020, with the fee dependent on the category of each gymnast. The South Cairns committee has reviewed the changes to the fees payable to Gymnastics Queensland and has set the membership fees for 2021-2022 as listed in the table below. The fees have been set on a sliding scale dependent on when the gymnast joins the club.

Description Joins Term 1 Joins Term 2 Joins Term 3 Joins Term 4
Competitive participant member 110 90 70 50
Non-competitive member (incl. Adult Class) 90 75 60 45
Non-Competitive member – Under 5’s Programs (KinderGym, MiniGym and JuniorGym) also over 50’s Programs (Fitter for Life) 65 60 50 40

A 10% discount on membership only will apply to families with more than two children enrolled in a gymnastic program.

SCG Membership Form

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Parent Details

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Medical History

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Gymnastics History

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Receive your Tumble in the Tropics Club T-shirt:
Once we receive your completed membership form and 2022 Membership fee please see front counter staff for your Tumble in the Tropics Club T-shirt. (Recreational and Ninja gymnasts only)