GymSkills Assessment Day

Saturday 22nd June 2019

GymSports FNQ’s GymFun and GymSkills programs have been developed to allow our recreational gymnasts within the club to take part in the Australian Levels Program (ALP).  The ALP starting at Level 1, will focus on teaching the technical aspects of skill development, encourage correct posture, build strength & flexibility, while keeping the emphasis on FUN. These programs allow gymnasts to progress through the foundational levels system at their own pace without the commitment of the full competitive program training hours or competition requirements.

GymFun Progressions:
GymFun Bronze         – Beginner entry level shapes and assisted skills
GymFun Silver           – Focus towards developing beginner skills
GymFun Gold             – Level 1 skill development (no routine)

GymSkills Progressions:
GymSkills Bronze      – Compulsory WAG Level 1 routines (ALP)
GymSkills Silver        –  Drills in preparation for WAG Level 2
GymSkills Gold          – Compulsory WAG Level 2 routines (ALP)

Recreational Assessment Days: Sponsored by Fuller Sports
Each Term GymSports FNQ holds a Recreational Assessment Day which are proudly sponsored by Fuller Sports, Edmonton. Assessment Days are a great opportunity for gymnasts to be assessed on the skills they have been learning in class. Although not compulsory*, we strongly recommend gymnasts participate to recognise their progression and be rewarded for their efforts, as well as giving them the chance to ‘show off’ to family and friends.


Entries close Sunday 16th June      CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE