Cheerleading Program

Cheerleading is a challenging and dynamic sport which is based on both dance and gymnastics. These team based programs:

  • Enhance balance, co-ordination and agility
  • Build strength, flexibility and power
  • Develops self-esteem and confidence in movement
  • Develop rhythm and timing

There are five elements taught in Cheerleading:

Pom-Pom – Pom cheerleading focuses on dance, flexibility, co-ordination, teamwork, turns, jumps, arm formations and dynamic displays for sports teams and competitions. Pom-Pom routines are an imperative part of cheerleading.

Stunts – working in a group, team members will experience learning all aspects of stunting from flying to basing, which develops trust, confidence, communication and team building.

Tumble – cheerleading uses tumble to change formations and create the wow factor in the routines. Tumble training builds strength, co-ordination and develops the art of working in unison with other team members.

Jumps – learning cheer jumps is a key dynamic aspect of cheerleading. Jumps are used in combinations to display power, flexibility and grandeur.

Dance – choreography brings the whole routine together and is therefore an intricate aspect of cheerleading. Co-ordination, timing, performance, team work and unison are learnt through dance.

Recreational Cheerleading

GymSports FNQ coaches deliver an energetic recreational Cheerleading program, supporting members through a range of safe and enjoyable activities to build a strong foundation.

Recreational Cheer is a perfect class for those children that enjoy working in a team environment and like to bring out their inner flair.